Disabilities Awareness & Inclusion Programs for Maine Students in Grades 1 – 6

The problem

School can be difficult for children who don’t fit in, who don’t look like everyone else, who learn differently, or who can’t keep up in schoolwork, sports, or social situations. These kids are often excluded, teased, or bullied.

The solution

We are changing this.

Our classroom programs for grades 1-6 build sensitivity and understanding, reduce bullying, and help create more inclusive schools and communities.

To meet schools’ needs safely, we are offering a new program delivery method for the 2020/21 school year. Rather than visiting schools in person, we will provide a ready-to-use, complete and comprehensive disabilities awareness and inclusion curriculum called Respecting ABILITIES. The curriculum package includes all supplies and materials that guidance counselors or teachers need to deliver the program within their own classrooms, including a comprehensive lesson plan/script for easy program delivery, video read-alouds, and books and posters for each participating classroom.

The curriculum allows children to:

  • Understand that disabilities are an aspect of human diversity and do not define a person
  • Break down stereotypes about differences and similarities
  • Explore the power of unkind words, exclusion, and bias
  • Identify and role play solutions to disability-related mistreatment and bullying
  • Practice empathy and inclusion.

We anticipate that the curriculum will be ready by October 15, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point we can only offer the curriculum to schools that have either hosted our classroom programs in the past or who were on our 2019/20 waitlist.

Check out our full list of schools served since our programs began in 2004.

Impact Since 2004

2016 72000 children
2014 57000 children
2010 33000 children
2006 10000 children
2004 3000 children

The results?

By changing attitudes early, we build empathy and understanding, and safer, more inclusive classrooms for everyone. Since 2004, students in almost 6,000 classrooms have heard our message that all differences are entitled to respect and that our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Grade by Grade

  • Grade 1 – Setting the stage: a read-aloud introduction to disabilities awareness
  • Grade 2 – It’s OK to be different
  • Grade 3 – We’re all OK: Respecting differences and celebrating strengths
  • Grade 4 – How would YOU feel? Hidden challenges, inclusion, and sensitivity
  • Grade 5 – We all do things differently: The importance of strategies and the power of our words
  • Grade 6 – Just kidding vs. bullying, human commonalities, respect, and inclusion

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