More Disabilities Awareness Resources

We now offer additional resources that reinforce key messages of sensitivity, respect and inclusion and allow children to explore topics related to what they learned in our classroom sessions. We are grateful to Libra Foundation and The Bingham Trust for making these resources possible.

The lesson plans and activities are grade-level appropriate, provide hands-on activities that engage students, and promote critical thinking resulting in a deeper understanding that we all have strengths to bring to the community. I like the message, delivered throughout the lessons, that we are not defined by a disability but instead by our strengths. Special education teacher

Book Lesson Plans for Schools & Families

We donate a book to each classroom library with every program we present. These books reinforce and supplement our program messages.

We are pleased to offer teachers and guidance counselors these lesson plans and follow-up activities for each book. These books and resources are also recommended for families that want to further explore this topic through literature.

Follow Up Lesson Plans for Schools

We now offer follow-up lesson plans and activities for teachers and guidance counselors who have hosted our programs. These free resources for grades 3-5 reinforce key messages from our classroom programs and can be used throughout the school year to further explore topics such as disability-related bullying, peer pressure, empowerment, cooperation, and valuing our differences. Maine Learning Results Common Core Performance Indicators are included for each lesson plan.

These resources are password protected and only available as a follow-up to our classroom programs. If your school has hosted our programs, the password is available from your school’s guidance counselor or by emailing us.

Please Tell Us What You Think!

Your feedback helps us fine-tune and update these resources and enables us to report back to our funders.