Disabilities Awareness Resources and Activities

April 2020: Given the widespread school closures due to COVID-19, we are pleased to offer a variety of distance-learning resources that reinforce messages of sensitivity, respect and inclusion.

“The lesson plans and activities are grade-level appropriate, provide hands-on activities that engage students, and promote critical thinking resulting in a deeper understanding that we all have strengths to bring to the community. I like the message, delivered throughout the lessons, that we are not defined by a disability but instead by our strengths.” Special education teacher

Book Lesson Plans for Schools & Families

We have donated books to each classroom library with every program in order to reinforce and supplement our key messages. As a follow-up for teachers who have hosted our sessions or for families that want to further explore disabilities awareness through literature, we are pleased to offer lesson plans and follow-up activities for some of the books that we have given out,

Lesson Plans and Activities for Home-Based Learning

Our program follow-up lesson plans are now open to all teachers and all families that want to adapt these for home-based learning. Maine Learning Results Common Core Performance Indicators are included for each lesson plan. These resources are primarily for grades 3-5 but may be adaptable for other grades.